Collomix X055 Duo

Sale price$1,029.00


Collomix X055 Duo Heavy duty dual paddle mixer.

  • Heavy work made lighter with the counter-rotating hand-held mixer Xo 55 duo makes lots of mixing jobs easier and quicker
  • There is no counter-torque on the user and the machine is easy to move even in heavy and viscous material
  • You can generally count on being finished in just half the time. That's modern mixing!
  • Quick, easy and thorough
  • Fast and thorough
  • Universal and economical
  • Upright working position
  • Electronic speed control
  • HEXAFIX Quick disconnect paddle coupler
  • 13 ft. Cable length (4 m)
  • Includes MKD140HF dual paddles
  • Made in Germany

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