Makinex Tile Smasher Head

Style: Hilti
Sale price$259.00


The Makinex Tile Smasher Head Jackhammer Attachment is ideal for lifting and removing tiles from wooden and concrete surfaces and for cleaning tile beds. It can also be used for removing vinyl and cork flooring. Machined out of a solid block of high grade steel, the Tile Smasher suits most jackhammer types and is built to last.
The tile smasher head comes completes with a 6 in. wide blade and is compatible with the following 35 lb. electric breakers: Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita. Also available for the Hilti TE-1000 & Hilti TE1500. The combination of blade and the tile smasher head speeds the removal of floor coverings such as tile and vinyl. Blade is made of high tensile steel for longer life.

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